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  • Main purpose is to enhance the economic improvement of its members, and the minority community which it serves.

  • The mission of San Diego Realtist is to improve business conditions and promote higher practices in our communities. About Us 

2020 upcoming events

 2 Million Homeowners

The National Association of Real-Estate Brokers (NAREB) Two Million New Black Homeowner Program (2MN5) is one of NAREB’s solutions in response to its annual report the State of Housing in Black America (SHIBA) ®, with a short and long-term core objectives to eliminate the racial gap and disparities in homeownership in the United States (41% Black vs. 71% White).

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"House Then The Car

The House Then The Car Wealth Building Extravaganza Events being held in 14+ markets across the country. The Wealth Building Extravaganza events have been created to promote the House Then The Car program, which is one of the NAREB 8. The NAREB 8 is a list of programs and initiatives curated by President Donnell Williams that expands the reach of 2MN5-2 Milion New Black Homeowners in 5 years, launched in 2015.

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+1 (805) 550-7055

(888) 550-9340 ext. 2


Call or Email Us 
Office: +1 (805) 550-7055 (888) 550-9340 ext. 2



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Tax ID# 80-0589116

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